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Monday, February 9, 2009

"There was a scam...looking for children to sell."

from Georgia state - Can you Help Her??? children separated & sold black market adoption ring http://www.walb.com/Global/story.asp?s=9789662 Woman needs your help finding brothers (Feb 4, 2009)COFFEE COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Deborah Latham thumbs through 28 files full of information about her biological family members. Information she began collecting after her mother died. "After all of the family that you know is gone, you start to think I have no more family, but I do somewhere. And I wonder if they've been looking for me." And they were. A week before Christmas she got a call about her sister and later connected with her brother Gary. "My original name Doris Hill was the name he was looking for," said Latham. That was also when she learned about the illegal adoptions. "There was a scam going around looking for children to sell. The judge was involved and a nurse. Deborah's mother was targeted because she was a poor single mother with nine children. "They took us to the state patrol station to the back room, and the parents were there and they took us right than," said Latham. "Who got what money or who started it I don't know?" The original birth records of all five children involved were destroyed, and their names changed to hide the illegal exchanges. This is also making it harder for Deborah to find her biological brothers Earl and Elroy."We are still trying to find them, but we don't know what names to look for." >>for rest of story, see article below. I will leave it posted for some time & I hope there will be updates to this family's story<<
But in the story did you catch the following words:
"illegal adoption"
"children to sell"
"judge was involved"
If you didn't catch all those words, I hope you'll take just a moment and go back to the story and read it again. My dear friends . . . adoption is not 'new'. The core reason for adoption is not 'new'. Buying babies is not 'new'. Separating siblings so infertile couples can have a family is not 'new'. Targeting poor families to sell their children is not 'new'.
When will you stop believing how wonderful adoption is - and start seeing it for what it really is?
"scam" "children to sell" "targeted" "money"
STOP the baby selling !
updated to include following links for additional reading...
Georgia Tann - read an ecxcerpt from the book: http://www.babythief.com/Excerpt.html
Or read more about her here ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Tann
stop the baby selling


  1. Ok, I don't know how other people feel about someone commenting on their own post, but I've just sat back and waited.

    Did you notice that at the bottom of the post where you can cick to leave a comment, that there are three check boxes below that? Those three boxes give readers option to just click on - New Perspective - Agree - or Disagree.

    I felt it was only fair to allow people to check when they disagree.

    Well, I have seen comment replies to this post. And the only feedback I've gotten is one person who Disagrees.

    They Disagreed a week ago.
    And they have their right to their own opinion, but I must confess it baffles me. It really does.

    Often my posts are my opinion and perspective, which would easily be a point(s) to disagree with. But this particular post - what is there to disagree with. This post is not about my opinion. This post is not about my perspective.

    This post is about what a family experienced years ago. And how they are trying to undo it.

    This post is retelling facts.

    These 5 siblings were separated and sold.
    There was further injustice by destroying their information and trying to steal their biological heritage from them.

    So I do NOT understand what there is to disagree with?

    By disagreeing are you saying that what happened to these children was RIGHT? That they deserved to be separated because their mother was poor? That they deserved to be ripped apart from their natural family? That poor children have less rights simply because they are poor?

    By disagreeing are you saying that it's acceptable to destroy a child's heritage? That it's accpetable to follow in the ways of Georgia Tann and try to cover up where children came from?

    By disagreeing, are you saying we should continue these types of shady activities? What for? It is not for "the sake of the children"!!!

    Don't you hear this woman's heart - she is looking for HER Family!!!! HER FAMILY - HER BROTHERS. Why should someone have the right to flash cash and hide all of it from her forever!!??!! How is that right? How is that acceptable? Certainly we can't say that this was ethical!

    Certainly we can't say this was done in the 'best interest of the child'!

    If you really think that, then you need to go find blogs written by adoptees. Find out how they feel about having access to their ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES - not the fake/altered/'amended' birth certificate after the adoption.

    When are adoptees old enough to have rights as citizens like non-adoptees? Many adoptees are fighting to have their birth records unsealed. I'm not referring to 10 year old kids here, I'm referring to adults. Adults who have children and grandchildren of teir own.

    It is their right to know their heritage, their history, their roots. It is a core yearning for many to know 'where they came from'.

    So this woman's story of how all the pre-adoption paperwork being destroyed is corrupt. If you disagree with that, I pity you.

  2. I am so glad you did comment about that as I have STARED at that (1) by the disagree box and wondered what in all earth could that person have to disagree with you about. It IS baby selling... thats technically adoption in a nut shell these days but this case it is very obvious.

    I hope whoever it was comes bck and fronts up.