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Saturday, December 20, 2008

my Littl Angel

If you’re going to follow this blog, you need to remember who my Little Angel is, because I’ll post about her every now and then. My Little Angel was a high-stung, wound-tight, wired little attention seeking girl. When I first started getting to know her and her family, she was about 7 or 8 years old. With her being so bouncy ball-like, I would sarcastically ask her parents, “so how are the little angels doing.” Somehow I started hanging out with her and her older (by only 11 months) sister. We’d go for ice cream, go for trips to the mall (yuck! I hate shopping). They’d come over and dress up in costumes. We’d go for a movie. The older sister and I aren’t as close once she got her first ‘real’ boyfriend. She has graduated from high school and is engaged to be married next year. Once my Little Angel turned into a teen, I asked if I should stop calling her Little Angel. To which she replied, “No. I’m your Little Angel, and you’re my big Angel, my Guardian Angel.” ((sniff sniff I’m getting all teary eyed thinking about this mushy stuff – lol) As time goes on, they grow up, don’t they. This year as her 18th birthday was approaching. I said to her, “You’re gonna turn 18. Are you sure you want to do this?” She says to me, “Yes, I’m growing up and you need to just accept that.” Then we both laughed. She's blossomed into an absolutely gorgeous young woman. She has very pretty eyes, and a beautiful smile. All that is nothing compared to the very sweet personality she has. She is very tender, well just sweet. I hope I won't have to threaten any of her boyfriends, like my sister did to at least one of mine.
Tonight after work I picked her up and we went to a coffee house. We’re driving along when she hears the faint sound of music. She turns to me and asked “Do you have Shackles” – referring to the CD with our favorite song. I’ve totally lost count of how many times we’d be driving in the convertible with the top down. She pulls the ponytail holder out and lets her beautiful long hair whip in the wind as we’re jamming to “Shackles” by the group Mary Mary. I love to make her laugh. And I am just excited to be part of her journey through life. What started out sarcastically has become quite endearing…I wouldn’t want it any other way. She’s My

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  1. thats just great. Its always good to have special friends like this.