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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

PPL - Pound Pup Legacy (abused adoptees)

When I started to blog, there was a lot of venting to get out the anger and pain that had built up inside of me, but there has also always been a purpose of EDUCATION to PREVENT UNNECESSARY adoptions - unnecessary separation of families.

As I  update, that means I have to take a hard look at links that may not be as current or relevant as resources.   
One link I will be removing from the left side of my blog is an old link to PPL - Pound Pup Legacy.  

At the time I linked to their site, there was an article or page relating to parenting.  The link doesn't bring up the same page, and I do not even remember exactly what all it said.  The jist; however, is that there are resources for parenting.  That even if you grew up in a less than ideal childhood - you could overcome it and become a great parent.  To me that was a resource because it is a message I wish I would have had when I was pregnant.... Because of childhood experiences, I was afraid I was doomed for history to repeat itself.  This was a tremendous factor in my decision to let go of my son.   

So, if anyone is reading this - and doubts your ability to parent - Please do not give up on yourself! There are resources to help you, to help new parents!

I cannot just delete PPL from my blog altogether.  It was started by and for abused adoptees (thank you Niels and Kerry!).   I cannot just erase and silence their voices with a quick hit of the delete key.  

And yes, it is still a "resource" for anyone considering adoption - because it shows that adoption does not guarantee your child will have the kind of home you  hope for him or her.  The only way to know for sure what kind of home your child is raised in - to know they are loved the way you would want, is for you to parent him or her.

PPL is also a tremendous "resource" for anyone who is adopted and was abused - to see that (most unfortunately) you are not alone.  This may be a place for you to start to find others to talk to who will believe you and who will get it.

For those who are curious about the link I removed, - this is what it said ...

 . . If you are, like I did, considering adoption

 primarily due to your childhood experiences, 

please visit THIS PAGE 

OH, how I wish this article was something

 I would have been introduced to when I was carrying my child.


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