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Saturday, September 17, 2016


My Poor Truck!
Yup!  It is definitely stuck!

My blog has been silent for more than a year and a half.  I have been thinking of writing more posts, but just didn't know where to start.
 Today,  9/17/2016, these pictures showed up on my FB Memories ... so now is the time.

Seven years ago we were building a retaining wall behind and alongside our house.  During one of my trips of  unloading crushed stone into a wheelbarrow to dump at the side of the house, where it was too narrow for a truck, this happened.  

When this picture popped up, I quickly remembered those days, the feelings, my thoughts. 

While moving stone, I was angry.  
I was pushing and driving my body very hard 
- telling myself it didn't matter how much I hurt, 
I was going to get this done!  
-telling myself "I" didn't matter... 
what good am I anyway?  

I felt like such a complete and total loser! 
 I already lost my son to adoption so many years earlier.  
 I failed my husband by not being able to make him a daddy.

In a phone conversation, my oldest sister pointed out that I was just punishing myself for the miscarriage, and it was both unnecessary and unhealthy.  I don't remember if I took her advice and worked at a less frenzied pace, but I did get all the stone moved.

- - - - -
I don't have an outline or planned posts or themes for blogging again.
It will just be whatever is happening at the time.
I will gradually work on overhauling the links to other sources/resources.


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