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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ca cha cha cha ching$$$$$$

Today I saw a bald eagle. My husband has seen one twice since we've moved to our 'new' home. Today as I was driving along the river, I was getting ready to get on the interstate when I saw it. It was probably the same reaciton as people who just saw a celebrity. My jaw dropped open as I'm trying to focus on driving...I'm just in awe... stupified and frozen. If I had not had that celebrety shock hit me, I might have gotten a shot of it w/ the camera on my cell phone. It was not very big, so it must've been a young bird. I was so excited about it, I got on-line to write about it ... and then I found this blog. The irony, I was so pumped about seeing the Bald Eagle. The national bird, symbol of freedom! strength! dignity! and honor! But after reading this, my visual was instead of a young eagle with it's wings bound and lyaing helplessly on the table. A table in an auction house. The onlookers eyes were filled with greed. I sense the fear in the once - majestic bird. It has been reduced to becoming someone's prize - at the right price... Here is the link for you to read. http://apathoftheheart.blogspot.com/2009/01/january-23-2009-adoption-situations.html Or you can scroll down to read it as I read it today ... I've pasted it below for your convenience... >I've interjected my comments are in gray< "Friday, January 23, 2009 January 23, 2009 Adoption Situations I hope this post finds everyone doing well! Thank you for all the comments and suggestions of more adoption books. We're headed to Borders this weekend to expand our library:) The following are our most current situations available to our clients: 1.) *NEW* Caucasian/African-American Boy, 2/10/09, UT, $23K + potential medical expenses, *BM used marijuana during pregnancy and wants open adoption with poss visits 2.) *NEW* African-America/Hispanic Girl, 2/28/09, Maryland, $20K, Alcohol exp during pregnancy 3.) *NEW* Caucasian/Hispanic Unk Gender, $35K, May 4.) Caucasian Unk Gender, $37K, June 5.) Caucasian/African-American Boy, $30-35K, Apr 6.) Caucasian/African-American Boy, $30-35K, June 7.) African-American Boy, 2/23/09, $20K, GA 8.) African-American Girl, 3/10/09, $20K, AL 9.) African-American Boy, 3/13/09, $20K, GA 10.) African-American Boy, 3/25/09, $24, UT 11.) African-American Girl, 4/11/09, $24K, UT Contact me at karalee@christianadoptionconsultants.com if you're interested or to find out more about CAC. Have a great weekend, everyone! :) " **second blog post** "Tuesday, January 6, 2009 Updated Situation List Things sure are moving quickly! :) Here is a list of our updated situations: 1.) *NEW* Caucasian Girl, 1/23/09, BM on methadone 2.) *NEW* African-American/Hispanic Girl, 2/28/09, Maryland, $20K (Alcohol Exp) 3.) *NEW* African-American Boy, 2/6/09, GA, $20K 4.) *NEW* African-American Boy, 2/17/09,SC, $21K 5.) *NEW* African-American Boy, 2/17/09, UT, agency fee $16K 6.) *NEW* African-American Girl, 3/1/09, TX, $20K 7.) *NEW* African-American Boy, 3/6/09, LA, $20K 8.) *NEW* African-American Girl, 3/1/09, AL, $20K 9.) African-American/Caucasian Boy, Due March 10.) African-American/Caucasian Unk Gender, Due April 11.) African-American Boy, Due Feb 12.) African-American Boy, Due Feb 13.) Caucasian Boy, Due Feb 14.) Caucasian/Hispanic Unk Gender, Due Feb 15.) Caucasian Unk Gender, Due May 16.) 3/4 Hispanic 1/4 Caucasian Girl, Due Feb17.) African-American Boy, $16K, 2/22/09Contact me at karalee@christianadoptionconsultants.com with any questions or if you're interested! Posted by Karalee at 5:15 PM 0 comments **end of blog post** >about this second post, wow she literally says "things are moving fast". What things? Babies?< >Below I'm pasting comments to her 1/23/09 post, which were there when I read it today, because I imagine the author of this blog will delete them when she reads them. Whereas instead she should be falling on her knees repenting... karalee, do God a favor and stop using His name to justify the greed and marketing for such a repulsive industry, ok?< jctippinward said... First let me start off with saying this one of the most disgusting things I have ever laid my eye upon, and Ive seen a lot in my 21 years of living, but this putting a price on a child and listing him/her on a blog as if you were selling a car is just wrong. A white Caucasian male will run you about 35k wile an African-American male child will run you about 23k. What is this, Cars made by a certain company therefore will be better? Are you serious? These a children people, the most innocent thing in the world has now become a Market for investments and profit. Look at the way you list him here as if they were a product, like they came out of a plastic box. Do you not have children of your own? Let me ask you this would put a price tag on them and sell em on the open market? No? Then why do you find it to be right to sell another person(s) child over blogspot? As im sure by now some have you have stopped reading and wrote me off as an educated buffoon who has no idea what im talking about and to those you closed minded ignorant pricks all I can say to you is piss off. I am a product of the hole open adoption craze. It was like a new fashion craze amongst you everyone is doing it so it must be right. Well its not right and I will tell you why. When my Amom stopped sending my Mother(Casi) news and pictures on how I was doing, my Mother went to the adoption agency and complained. They told her there is nothing she can do about it, that I was now under the control of my Amom(Terri). My adoption was an open one and just like that it became close. I will only say this the amount of pain that caused my mother still ripples threw time today. What it did to me has changed who I am forever. I spent most of youth jumping around from step dad to step dad watching the first one physically and mentally abuse Terri and I. The second one never loved me he told me that himself. There was no father figure besides Terri's Father. He passed away when I was 15 the only sort of guidance for me had no passed on to a better place, I was lost. I didn't know who I was I new that I wasn't blood with the people I lived with and deep down inside I knew I didn't belong where I was. As a teen I was far from an angel I did a lot of things I look back onto now and hold in deep regret of my actions. When I was 16 Terri left me with her Mother who at the time was unable to walk. I had complete freedom and I took full advantage of it. I found my self stealing her car, credit cards, an cash and partying every night. By the time I was 17 I was kicked out of Terri's mother's house and left to move back in with Terri. This was the hardest time of my life.Terri was a drunk and a mean one at that. It caused many fights and many problems for us. I dont want to cover much on this time. I was doing nothing but living to die. I knew deep down I hated everything and everyone and the only thing that made that go away was a abusive drug habit that still scars my heart today. Both of my shoulders are destroyed from self inflected wounds they will never look the same. These are the things that haunt me. Now I tell you that story to tell you this one. The adoption agency told my mom she would not be able to be a good mother for me. Those lieing bastards. I have 2 little brother and one little sister. Both of my Parents are still together and married doing what they can to make sure we there children have everything we need to succeed in life. They told her this would not happen. Now ive read all over books about feeling angry towards (and I hate using this term) the Natural parents and if your one of those right now reading this I want to say this from me to you. Forgive and open your heart, remember when your young and scared about the world? Well they were two and they where tricked by a money thirsty industry. If they would have known the true cost it would never have happened and it would have been done there. So again forgive your heart will feel better as will theres. So don't sit there and tell me someone cant raise a child because they've smoked a little pot. Or because they are young and still young adults themselves. 99% of parents out there love their children with all the heart to an extent that words not describe. I say 99% because there is that 1% who kills their children because they are legitimately insain and God told em to do it. Love is a powerful thing and it will make you do crazy things, such as forget your old life style and began raising a child. And so now here you sit reading over adds on the Internet for children. All of them have different packages and millage on them and you feel good about your self? It should not matter the race or gender of age of the child why? Because they are Children all the same innocence wrapped up in a bundle of joy. So I hope this made some of you think a little bit about the truth behind this industry, its not always everything they tell you it will be. January 23, 2009 3:49 PM >Thank you jctippinward for sharing of yourself, your soul, for helping others see without the tainted rosecolored glasses< "worried said... How do you sleep at night knowing that you sell human flesh in the name of Christianity? You are not a Christian. You are being used by the devil to do evil work. January 24, 2009 9:27 AM" >You hit the 'nail' on the head, Worried! Selling babies one of the most UNChristian things around...even if 'everyone's doing it!'< >Ok, Ok. I TRIED to not comment, but since it would probably be deleted, here's what I said ...< Cheerio! said... "Thank you karalee - thank you for removing the fog for people to clearly see how even so-called "christian" ((NOT!!)) agencies sell babies. Price Tags visible to all. I hope that for the sake of the child you adopted already, you would seek out books like Primal Wound by Nancy Vierrier to see inside an adoptee's heart. Adoption affects children. A child being separated from their Natural Parent is a great loss and wound to them. It is a well hidden fact & people don't who are not adopted do NOT want to hear it. Why wound these children in the name of God? why not instead stand beside the expectant woman and TEACH and SUPPORT her to be the Mother God desires her to be? January 24, 2009 10:01 AM"


  1. Oh Cheerio, this is sick, I have also commented as it was too hard not to.

    It is devastating to know what people are capable of doing and that they cannot see past their own sick desires to the fact it is wrong on every single level.

    More reasons to hate adoption, it just keeps proving itself to be so very sick.

  2. Cheerio,

    WTF???? I saw the post as well and didn't know whether to scream, throw up or just cry.I did a combination of all three. If there is a hell, the spot next to the devil himself is reserved for these people, every single f---ing one of them.


  3. as I read your reply, Denise.
    I thought of a Jesus words ..."If what belive to be light is really darkness, then how great is that darkness."
    This is paraphrased, but it talks about how people can be sooo deceived (like the owner of that blog) that they don't even realize that they're working for the side of evil, when they actually think they're doing "the Lord's work".

  4. Hey Cheerio... just so you know, she has deleted the comments that were posted on her blog and is not allowing anymore. I have posted this on my blog so more people can see it as well... this si truly revolting, is there anyone in the US who can be contacted about this? Surely it isn't legal? Thank you so much for bringing it to everyone's attention... many people have seen this now. Good work :) Hugs, Myst xxx

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  7. Well, it took awhile, but I'm on it!
    I didn't actually post this perverse new twist to the 'we care about children' industry, on my blog yet.
    Instead, I shared the links with Legally Kidnapped who did a nice 'can we hold down our lunch while reading this garbage?' kind of post. I'll be spreading the word alllll over the net...cuz this just isn't right!

  8. Just wanted to comment to voice my disgust at the agencies and blog you reference here. Almost unbelievable, but then again, in domestic US adoption, which is apparently beyond the law, anything goes.

  9. Dear ThirdMom, thanks for yoru reply.
    You accurately stated ..."but then again, in domestic US adoption, which is apparently beyond the law, anything goes." Most regretably, it does not stop at just Domestic US Adoption. : (

  10. EEEEWW! I cannot believe someone would blatantly post price lists for BABIES like that.

    As an adoptee, it makes me sick. Imagine the children growing up and seeing that :(


  11. Thank you for posting this, from another product.