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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Letters to Leggies

Cheerio joined the campaign to send out letters to the Legislatures who may be attending the Leg. Nat'l Conference @ Philly in July. Letters are written, signed, and stuffed in their envelopes. Stamped and ready to drop in the mail tomorrow. I included this pic as stationary header. June 2, 2009 The Honorable Governor The Honorable Senator The Honorable Representative This July, individuals from across the Nation will be traveling to Philadelphia to take part in the second Adoptee Rights Demonstration. As a registered voter in your District, I wanted to advise you that I have made plans to attend the National Conference of State Legislators, and add my support with those who view adult adoptees as equal citizens under the law. The State of Pennsylvania must stop discriminating against adoptees and allow them full access to their original birth certificates. Such access is a right that non-adopted citizens already enjoy. In other states that have opened records, there has been no damaging fallout as a result of such access. There is a fight to keep original birth certificates sealed, but it is based on unfounded claims. One such ‘claim’ is that birth parents do not want to be identified. I am a Birth Parent and feel it is long overdue that this myth is addressed. Birth Parents want what is best for their children. Adult adoptees have a right to know their heritage, their origins, and at the very least their own medical histories. To deny them access is discrimination, and I’m sure you could agree with me that no parent wishes their child to be discriminated against. As my elected official, your support on this matter is extremely important to me. Thank you for your time and attention to this important civil rights issue. I hope you will be attending the convention, and will visit The Adoptee Rights booth# 935 inside the convention center (July 21, 22, and 23). If you should have any questions or wish to speak with me, I can be reached at ###/###-####. Cheerio,

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