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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Mother is a terrible thing to Waste

 That is pretty much all I have to say in response to the month of November being dubbed as adoption month – AKA: Celebration of godless amounts of profit from separating families needlessly.

Every billboard you see, commercial you watch, radio advertisement you hear, or article in your newspaper that has to do with adoption, consider this estimation that about 50,000 non-family adoptions occur each year.  Wow, 50,000 adoptions.  That represents 50,000 human beings sold with a bill of sale (complete with amended birth certificates).   It also results in 50,000 Mothers Wasted – cut off from her child and discarded like scrap pieces of fabric.

This post is for you Bethany Christian Services (and all unethical agencies like you).
You pretend to ‘serve’ women and girls in need, but you are really serving yourself and your agendas – gleefully ripping babes from families and wasting mothers in the process.

A certain percent of them may have other children – but she will never be THE MOTHER of THE CHILD you’ve sold under your replacement program.

My slogan for November –
Don't support the Wasting of Mothers, instead help Preserve Original Families!!!

A Mother
is a Terrible Thing

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